Essay about The New Girl by Marc Mitchell

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The New Girl by Marc Mitchell

In this essay I will write a brief summary of the short story “The New Girl”, written by Marc Mitchell, an author from Florence, Alabama. I will continue by characterizing the narrator and discuss the reasoning behind Allison’s behaviour and narrator’s response (which will be included in his characterisation).

The story takes place on Prospect Street, a white, lower-middle-class neighbourhood, where there are old houses aplenty. It’s a hot, bright day, and Allison, the narrator’s best friend, and the narrator were the only kids on the block. Therefore they were best friends ‘by default’, as he puts it. Allison is 10 and the narrator is 8, he looks up to Allison. We are informed that the children spent
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He looks up to Allison but isn’t sure if he really likes her. We can see he looks up to her by the fact that he copies her actions and does what he presumes she expects of him in front of the new girl, but the fact that he doesn’t dare look at her eyes shows that he has a guilty feeling/is ashamed, and doesn’t quite feel that what they’re doing is right. The fact that he doesn’t stand up for himself shows that he is a bit of an underling, and is possibly afraid to stand up against her. He doesn’t say anything negative about Allison, only that he isn’t really sure if they are actually friends, hinting to the fact that they may only be friends for the sake of having a friend.

As for Allison’s actions, she could be afraid of something new, or that the African-American child could take away her only friend. She may have mutual feelings with the narrator, that they are only friends to have a friend, and is scared of losing him, although this factor is weakened when one thinks about the opportunity of gaining another friend. Her family and upbringing could have been racist and therefore had an impact on how she saw the differently-coloured people. From discovering that the time period is probably the 80’s, we know that the black population of America hasn’t fully been accepted by everyone yet. This could be a cause for her

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