The New Form Of Arranged Marriage Essay

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Could the new form of arranged marriages be the way forward for Eritreans in the Diaspora who complain that there are no decent Eritrean guys or girls around?

We are not talking about arranged marriages in the traditional sense where the couple’s respective parents choose their spouse for them and the individuals do not have a say in who they marry. The form of arranged marriage discussed here is the modern version, where family or friends will suggest someone they think will be a good match for their loved one and initiate some contact between them. This new form of arranged marriage, which in recent years has seen a rise in western countries such as the USA and the UK, has been labelled “assisted marriage”, as it involves family/ friends giving a helping hand, rather than arranging the whole thing.

In the past, arranged marriages were commonplace in Eritrea. Young girls were betrothed to the son of a family thought to be suitable and were often married as teenagers. They rarely had a say in choosing their partner, and often did not get a chance to get to know their husband until after the wedding day. The idea being that the couple would fall in love after they begin their life together (often after having children).

This is what springs to mind when a lot of people think of arranged marriages. Many argue that the practice is oppressive, as it involves too much input from others and too clinical, as it takes away the magic of finding someone special. In the modern…

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