Essay on The New Food New Attitude

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New Food New Attitude
Take a moment and think about what you had to eat for breakfast or lunch today. A few replies might include cereal, fruit, or a sandwich. Chances are, most of you didn’t go outside and pick your fruits or vegetables off the plant, or go and butcher a chicken. For most of us, we purchase our food from the grocery store, where a majority of the food is genetically enhanced or different from its original form. Nearly 75% of processed food here in the U.S. contains at least one genetically modified ingredient (“Paturel, and Yamakawa”). Many of the world’s shoppers wouldn’t know about this without being told. Genetically modified organisms, known as GMO’s, are a great tool in agricultural technology that needs to be accepted, but must first be understood by the public. This great advancement will help lead the world into a brighter future, full of better food. Many people in the country have gone against genetically modified food without real, accurate knowledge and after reading this they will understand the causes of ignorance, effects of this thinking and solutions to the problem at hand.
The first variable to understand is how widespread gmos actually are. The world first learned about genetically modified organisms when they were introduced in 1996. While global acreage of GM crops had been just over 167 million acres in 2003, more than 105 million of those acres (or about two-thirds) were right here in the United States (“Ciment”). The U.S. was…

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