The New England Of The Massachusetts Bay Colony Essay

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The puritans come over during the reign of Charles I to escape the theocracy cruelty of the nation. The puritans were peoples who wanted to purify the Anglican Church; they were known as Congregationalists. The first group of ninety puritans came over in 1630 with their leader, John Winthrop, who had the vision of founding a “City upon the hill”; they settled in Boston and created the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Within thirteen years 20,000 puritans were in the new world; they had officially escaped from the harshness of monarchical implemented theocracy because of the greed and money thirst of the king. The settlements of the puritans influenced the development of the New England colonies socially, politically, and economically through the events of the settlement of the Rhode Island Colony, Massachusetts General Court and Town Meetings, partible inheritance, and The Half-Way Covenant.
The puritans had the butterfly effect on Rhode Island Colony 's social, political, and economic development. Roger Williams, the founder of the Rhode Island Colony originated from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Williams was removed because he believed in the ideals of free religion and native hospitality. “God requireth not a uniformity of religion”, Williams once said. Williams was removed from the puritan colony because of his unorthodox ideas. Williams was then alienated and moved to the future location of the Rhode Island Colony; he was taken in by a nearby native tribe and he requested…

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