The New Definition Of Family Essay

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The New Definition of Family
Homophobia is the fear, or prejudice towards homosexuals, which a lot of the time results in violence, bullying, and even death. However, it is wildly believed that a man being with another man was actually acceptable in some ancient time periods. It is mainly thought that the intolerance towards homosexuality didn’t come until the Middle Ages, around the bringing up of Christianity. It wasn’t until later on that psychologists started to come to realize that homosexuality is really a normal thing that can’t be stopped. This concept has changed drastically, especially over very recent years. Same-sex couples have made a huge impact on today’s society by changing the social and legal definition of family.
The meaning of marriage in society has changed significantly over time. The traditional concept of marriage is that it should only be between one man and one woman. However, that has been formed by the different religions and beliefs that people have become accustomed to throughout history. In today’s society, people are starting to see past that and realize that marriage is something that any two people should be able to enjoy, regardless of their gender. There are lots of countries throughout the world today that have legalized same-sex marriage, taking a huge step towards gaining equality for all people by allowing them to marry the person that they want. Many religious people and customs have come to accept same-sex couples and have welcomed…

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