The New Deal: The Big Change During The Great Depression

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The big change in the United States government really happened during the Great Depression when the New Deal was introduced by Franklin Roosevelt. After World War 2 the Federal Government stayed with New Deal ideas and kept expanding its size, with social programs and military power. Democrats felt as the government could be used for good and that social programs such as welfare, were the government’s job. Republicans felt as though it wasn’t the government’s job to provide social programs for the population, and a big government is dangerous to the people’s rights. During the depression, people were desperate for help, but as America’s prosperity grew people needed less of the Government. People started to not trust the Government as much, and a strong counter culture grew and as the government grew exponentially, peoples trust in it grew smaller. Lyndon …show more content…
World War 2 jump started the economy, jobs became available, women went into the factories while men joined the military. Once America was victorious in its efforts to overthrow the Axis Powers, the prosperity continued, because Europe was still licking its wounds from the numerous battles across its landscape and there was no country claiming top dog spot. Thus America and its economic prosperity, was able to claim the top rank of most powerful country, the dollar even over took the pound as the world’s currency. With the new found economic prosperity America was able to provide a better standard of living for its citizens, with that people could have luxuries in their lives that they hadn’t had since before the Great Depression. Also there was an increase in pride for the nation, America had just won the war and was growing ever more powerful each day. The new found economic prosperity coupled with the fact that America had just one a war, is why Americans today and back then refer to World War 2 as the “good

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