The New Deal Of The Great Depression Essay

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Cohen stated that, “citizen consumers were regarded as responsible for safe-guarding the general good of the nation” (18). This is the ideal that each individual consumer purchase is in the name of the greater good. That all the purchases and money they spent made a positive difference. These types of consumers “put the market power of the consumer to work politically, not only to save a capitalist America in the midst of the Great Depression, but also to safeguard the rights individual consumers” (Cohen, 8). She uses this classification to break up the twentieth century by focusing on the efforts made by the citizen consumer during the New Deal and getting out of the great depression. This also allowed for minority groups like African Americans and women to gain more political power. “The New Deal 's sudden attention to consumers as a voice of the public interest offered otherwise underrepresented groups an opportunity to become another 'countervailing power ' worthy of official recognition” (Cohen, 32). This shows how Cohen breaks up the twentieth century by talking about minorities gaining power and civil rights through different consumer patterns. In fact, in her first chapter she has a section named “Rise of the Citizen Consumer”. This reflects how she is breaking up the time periods in respect to what consumer classification was most prevalent and beneficial to the time. “Purchaser consumers during the late 1930s and World War II championed pursuit of self-interest in…

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