The New Deal End The Great Depression Essay

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Did the New Deal end the Great Depression? Spoiler alert it 's a maybe but did it destroy American freedom or expand the idea of liberty? In the end was it a good thing? The answer to all these questions is it depends a very accurate answer for any economics question. The New Deal redefined the idea of government for most Americans in the 1930s. The New Deal is extremely important for the history of America. After the mediocre response to the Great Depression, Hoover did not have any chance winning the presidential election of 1932. Also, he ran like he didn 't want the job ran against Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was as close to a born politician as you can be. The idea of the New Deal came from Roosevelt 's campaign. During the election FDR suggested the government 's responsibility was to guarantee that everyman had the right to make a comfortable living but he didn 't say how to accomplish this. It wasn 't going to come from government spending because FDR criticized Hoover on all the expenses that he did. FDR campaigned against prohibition and made alcohol legal again. FDR does get most of the credit for the New Deal, but he didn’t create the New Deal but in fact it was passed by Congress. It was a set of government programs intended to fix the Great Depression and prevent any more depressions in the future. There are a couple of ways economists classify these new deals one way is to categorize the programs by their functions. This is where we see the New Deal…

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