The New Deal During The Great Depression Essay

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The New Deal can be considered as a new chapter in the lives of many Americans who have been affected as a result of the Great Depression. It is no surprise that the people once again relied on the government to assist them in their lowest of times. However, if we take a look into the past, we can conclude that the government is not much of a resource when it comes to progressing in order to become a better society. In this essay I will include all of the reasons as to what hardship the New Deal faced along with what solutions were offered in return. One of the concerns that occurred during the Great Depression leading up to the New Deal had to be the working conditions. In the “Letter to Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins” many issues were addressed regarding to how intolerable working conditions were in Louisiana. The letter reinforces the idea that slavery was better off back then than how they were now considering the fact that they had three meals a day and medical attention when needed. The rampage mentions the early blazing mornings in the fields and the lack of sympathy that was shown to them in the blazing heat, however they were to stop at a certain time for the concerns of the mules rather than the slaves themselves. In addition to the poor working conditions followed very low wages. These low wages were a problem because food and clothing had to be brought from the person from whom they worked for. These people had stores that sold the food and clothing at a…

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