Essay about The New Deal During The Great Depression

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During and after the Great Depression the roles of the government changed tremendously. Before the Great Depression the federal government did little to nothing to help citizens. The government thought that, helping people out didn’t seem like the governments job. But once the Depression hit in the 1930’s all of that changed. During and after the depression the U.S needed some serious help to get the economy up and running again. To get out of the depression the federal government would have to come up with a program that, could create jobs, and to get the banks up and running again. The name of the program is the New Deal.
In 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt created the New Deal to get the United States up and running again. During the depression, the economy was very unstable and the unemployment rate was high, and businesses were going out of business. The programs that the new deal created had positive effects on people’s lives. Some of the programs were public works, and homeowner ship. These examples showed how the government took on new responsibilities to make sure there is not another depression.
Public works is one of the programs created in the New Deal. Public works created new projects for public uses such as bridges, roads, schools, and hospitals. These projects also created many new jobs for the unemployed. During the Great Depression, many people lost their jobs or got laid off. Here is a quote from Women on the Breadlines by Meridel Le Sueur “We have been…

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