The New Creative Skills That Artists Need For Making Contemporary Art

1275 Words Nov 23rd, 2014 null Page
The New Creative Skills that Artists Need For Making Contemporary Art Contemporary Art is the art of today that mainly refers to the connotation of modern art with modern spirit and language. Meanwhile, the contemporary art is not only reflected in the "modernity", as well as the artist 's life experience based on today 's society. Contemporary artist exposure in today 's cultural environment is in the face of nowadays ' reality that their works necessarily reflect the characteristics of the times. However, contemporary art are different with traditional forms of artistic or artistic techniques. Artistic judgment, it is appropriate to meet the pursuit of the artist, whether the integration of his / her as the artist of perception capacity, whether it passes the artist 's experience response and artistic understanding. In this essay I will argue that perception, imagination, and cultural understanding skills are the most important new skills for contemporary artists to have. I will use the work of Marcel Duchamp (Fountain), Joan Miro (Painting), and Isaac Julien (Ten Thousand Waves ) to demonstrate why these skills are crucial. Cognitive ability of people of the world that including the two parts:sensation and perception, which the main cognitive ability is perception. In reality, people often confuse these two capabilities, make the feeling as a perception and ignoring the existence of perception. Feeling in the human understanding of the process, only act as a "moving…

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