The New Cold Brew Sweet Vanilla Cream Essay

703 Words Jun 16th, 2016 3 Pages
Upon walking into the Starbucks in Pinecrest, I was welcomed by several gestures. First, a woman gave me an affect display of a smile as she held the door open for me and further emphasized me to walk in by doing an emblem of her moving her arm from her body to the door as if to say come in. She did not say a word, but no word was needed. I simply followed back with the verbal communication thank you. I figured that I would stay for about an hour, but prior to sitting down and watching nonverbal communication I would purchase something so I did not appear awkward. As I asked the barista about the new beverage that came out, she used the illustrator of pointing to the sign to explain to me how the new cold brew sweet vanilla drink was made. I told her it sounded quite interesting up I was skeptical upon trying it. I am a regular at Starbucks. I usually go to Starbucks at least every other day, but usually I will go drive thru because I usually drink my coffee on the way to work or school. However, this day I decided to go inside and observe as this field assignment instructed me to do. Usually when I go inside I like to try something new since I know if I do not like it I could return it and get something for sure I will like. The barista this time was very nice; she made me a sample of the new beverage for me to try. As I sipped the beverage, she did the emblem of a thumbs up sign to me, in which she asked nonverbally “was it good?”. I replied with the same emblem of…

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