The New Christian Counsellor : A Fresh Biblical And Transformational Approach

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The new Christian Counsellor: A fresh Biblical and Transformational Approach is a

book that aims to teach people and empower them to take possession of their souls in the

contemporary life of a multi-faceted approach design. The authors are seasoned Christian

counsellors who have a vast experience in dealing with people’s psycho-spiritual issues from

a Christian point of view (Hawkins & Clinton, 2015 p.6). Through their noble ideas, the

professors seek to guide their reads through the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives, under

the influence of God’s word and in a manner that is supportive of the accountability ideas of

the entire community.

The authors seek to elucidate to the masses the concepts of God’s hope, amazing love

and the power that emanates from God 's sake to his children. Through the entire work the

writers seek to demonstrate through years of experience how people can be in possession of

their thought patterns, enhance their decision-making skills to promote the physical and

relational self. The book brings out very hefty discussions on life and the various

engagements that people make every day of their lives. The book contains concepts like

relationships and their dynamics where the authors assert that relationships ought to include

God in them because he exists in them (Hawkins & Clinton, 2015 p.112).

The writers of the book also discuss the issue of flourishing peace which they call

Shalom. According to the…

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