The New Age Of Technology Essay

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I returned home from school to find a package at my door. It was an old Ipad from my son Brett. I recently asked my friends on Facebook to send me any old IPods they were willing to donate. I wanted to download music for the Seniors at the long term care facility I work at. I sat down to upload music and came across, Dean Martin singing “That’s Amore.” This reminded me of how important it is to have family meals. This new age of technology has brought many new changes in life, specifically more distraction and less personal interaction. Before the age of cell phones and individual music players, families spent time breaking bread and reflecting on shared history and storytelling. This allowed us to hear the stories of our grandparents making a new life in America while bringing a piece of Italy in the form of family recipes. The dinner table reminded us that were connected to each other and that life was meant to be celebrated. In an instant my mind was flooded with memories from so long ago, so vivid you would have to open your eyes to snap back into reality. The year was 1979 and Christmas day was finally here. My mom, Janice, was driving a 1970’s, wood, side panel station wagon. She pulled into the driveway at my grand parent 's house and before she could come to a complete stop, we were already jumping out of the car. The interior door was open and the storm door windows were covered with water droplets racing down the glass as if there was a prize to be won.…

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