The New Age Of Technology Cellular Phones Essay examples

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In the new age of technology cellular phones are being produced more and more each year. In April of 2014 a new Samsung cell phone was provided to world, with a new fill and a new design. The Samsung Galaxy S5 was the first Samsung phone to provide Apple 's idea of the biometric fingerprint sensor. Like any other phone there are ups and down, but owners of the S5 are still in love with their phones like a dog loves to play. The Galaxy S5 will continue to sell to customer because of the features it provide. Samsung develops a new phones at least every year The Galaxy S5 is found in most phone company stores also online as well. Each phone company will choose how much they will sell the Galaxy S5 to customers. As phone companies come up with their price they base it off their competitors. The price of new phones are expensive, so when the Galaxy S5 came out the price ranged from $600.00 to $700.00. Since it is not the latest phone the price has decreased in each phone company. T-Mobile sells price for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is $529 dollars, in which it includes the sim chip an activation, but the phone itself is $479 dollars. AT&T retail price for the S5 is $519, but they have a monthly plan for only $17 dollars a month. Their price is higher than the Empire State building. On a good note their monthly plan gives someone who does not want to pay the full amount at once, than they can pay for it with their monthly phone bill. AT&T has their monthly payment already…

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