The New Age Of Jesus And The Red String Essay

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It is nothing new to stand in line at the grocery store checkout and overhear a fellow shopper complain about celebrities and their New Age religions as they peruse the headlines of People or US Weekly. While it is easy for them to judge Tom Cruise and his dedication to the Church of Scientology, or harrumph Madonna and the red string that adorns her wrist as she walks into The Kabbalah Centre, some of the people passing judgment may be overlooking a religion that hits a little closer to home for many Americans, Christianity. While Christianity and exotic New Age spirituality may seem worlds apart, a newer form of Christian spirituality which is promoted as the “Prosperity Gospel”, mirrors many of the habits of its New Age counterparts from selling spiritual healing to convincing members to empty their pockets in return for monetary gain. It also takes the faith past its humble roots and forces the intended purpose of Jesus’ ministry to take second place to Western ideals such as capitalism and individualism. In addition, the rise of megachurches and their charismatic leaders pull the focus off God, and onto self-image. Overall, the Christian church suffers, as it continues to evolve past the original ministry of Jesus with preachers and followers treat spirituality as a commodity rather than an vital part of their faith. Jesus gained fame among his people when he began to perform miracles, often healing those that society would shun. Those miracles were not done with the…

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