Essay The Never Ending Story

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The Never-Ending Story
One Topic that left me confused, is the conversation about the many issues within the prison system. Particularly whether the prison system works and if we as a country are doing more harm than good. Subsequently, we have an incarceration system, of epidemic proportions, that circumscribes its prisoners. In the same respect, this system also conceives new prisoners as a result of this cycle. These effects are aided by laws like Mandatory Minimum Sentencing, which mandates a mandatory amount of time to be served for certain crimes like drug possession. Proponents of Mandatory Minimum Sentencing, believe the laws are an effective deterrence against certain serious offenses such as drug and weapon crimes and sexual assault. A view that was stated by the General Assembly of Connecticut, who were debating the law. This is just one of many examples of what is wrong with the justice system. In effect, would point to a direct impact on prison population and individuals being incarcerated. Senator Rand Paul, a Republican from Kentucky, has introduced the Justice Safety Valve act of 2013. Intended to allow judges to stray away from mandatory minimum sentencing. This will directly subtract from the amount of individuals incarcerated.
Nevertheless, the "how right or wrong" something is that confuses me. With all that in mind, I believe a cycle is formed by laws like "Mandatory Minimum Sentencing," as well as others making new and repeat guests to…

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