The Neutral By Terry Trueman Essay

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Stuck in the Neutral is a novel written by Terry Trueman is centered around the subjects of Cerebral Palsy, the value of human life, and the stigma of euthanasia. The main character Shawn McDaniel, who happens to also be the narrator gives us insight into his life. “My life is like one of those “good news—bad news” jokes . . . In the jokes, it’s always the good news first, so here goes . . .” (Trueman) Shawn is fourteen years old and has spent his entire life in Seattle, a place he loves. Shawn has both an older sister and brother. Cindy, who is seventeen and Paul, who is sixteen who he thinks are pretty cool. Shawn also has an ability that no one knows about; “I have this weird---I don’t know what you’d call it---ability? Gift? Power?” (Trueman) He has the ability to remember everything single thing perfectly he hears from the time he was three or four. Among the bad news of not being able to walk, lift his arms on his own consensus, or even smile because Shawn lives with Cerebral Palsy (CP). However, the one final bad news of his life is because due to this condition Shawn is convinced his father is planning to kill him. “The good news is that he’d be doing this out of his love for me. The bad news is that whatever the wonderfulness of his motives, I’ll be dead.” (Trueman) Shawn’s father Sydney believes that no one can protect him from his suffering and other factors that even caused him to leave the family. “In my father’s eyes I’m a vegetable, a human vegetable, I’ll…

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