The Netflix Series : Chef 's Table Essay

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For my media selection, I chose the Netflix series, Chef’s Table. I like that this series was a bit more documentary styled and gave you a deeper look into the chef’s themselves and it wasn’t just a cooking show or a cook show T.V. game. Although the series is not very long and only consist of two short seasons it really is worth watching. The first episode I watched was on season one and was episode four. This episode focused on a female chef by the name of Niki Nakayama, who owns and operates n/naka, a restaurant located in Los Angeles California. Niki specialized in Kaiseki, but she added her own twist to this Japanese tradition. The second episode I watched was on season two, episode three. This episode focused on a woman chef named Dominique Crenn who owns and operates two restaurants in San Francisco. Her dishes primarily consist of seafood and vegetables but what is more important to note it that Crenn draws from her memories when creating her artistic dishes. The third episode I watched was season 2 episode 2 featuring Alex Atala a brazilian chef who gathers his ingredients from the amazon and produces modern Brazilian cuisine. Lastly, the fourth episode I watched was
Dan Barber a male chef and owner of Blue Hill. The shows itself demonstrate masculinity and femininity down to the shots and even music used during each person 's segment. For example, in episode four of season one, the songs are lighter and the shots are more delicate and light, however, as that to…

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