Essay on The Nervous System

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The body is made up of many systems working together as a whole and the most significant one is the nervous system. The nervous system is responsible for making sure the rest of the body does what it needs and without this elaborate electrical system the body would have no meaning. There are many components to this beautiful labyrinth of nerves that allows us to be the marvelous humans we are. This system is complicated in itself but broken down into its peripheral, somatic, autonomic, and central functions it becomes much simpler. One integral part of the nervous system is the peripheral nervous system. This structure is full of microscopic craniospinal nerves. These specific nerves are little tree like branches connected to and from the brain and spinal cord that carry impulses from the nervous systems muscles. There are two types of cells in this system including the sensory nervous cells and the motor nervous cells. Sensory cells are responsible for carrying information to the brain and motor cells are bound to importing the information found in the brain to the rest of the body. When the information reaches the body the muscles and glands are then told what they need to do to sustain homeostasis. Without the peripheral nervous system the brain would never know the body’s state of health and the body would never know what was needed. Somatic functions are another crucial part to keeping the body running. The somatic nervous system controls the skeletal muscles and…

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