The Neolithic And Classical Ages Essay

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The Paleolithic, Neolithic, and Classical Ages affected human history both politically and socially with the invention of agriculture. Politically, the Paleolithic Age comprised of small bands of Nomadic people. Throughout 8000 BCE and 600 CE, the Nomadic people began to taper in size, but never disappeared. In the Neolithic and Classical Ages, Nomadic people continued to live as their ancestors had in the Paleolithic Age. The major change happened in the Neolithic Age when agriculture emerged. This diffusion of the agricultural life style caused the major changes of this time period. Political life expanded, and inequality appeared in many civilizations. Between 8000 BCE and 600 CE, human history was effected by an advance in government, which created complex political lives, and the invention of agriculture, which changed social interaction.
Throughout 8000 BCE and 600 CE, the political aspect of life advanced from little to no government to empires which dominated most of the regions. In the Paleolithic Age, political life was scarce. People in 8000 BCE hunted and gathered for food. They were Nomadic and traveled in small bands of 20 to 50 people. Complex government hadn’t been invented yet. In the Neolithic Age, agriculture made bands of people develop a political system. The river valley civilizations are examples of this newly found government. Monarchies began in the river valley civilizations. In the Huang He river valley civilization, Emperors ruled as the…

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