The Negro Family: The Case For National Action Report By Daniel Moynihan

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Register to read the introduction… Recently a movie based on a true story was released entitled “The Pursuit of Happiness” which depicts a single parent “father” who would stop at nothing to make a better life for him and his son. Today this father, who was at one time homeless, is a multi-millionaire. Many women in the black community work very hard to raise their families. Like most parents they want a better life for their children. Though they may not live a suburban three bedroom house, living in poverty is not the life the mother wants. She can still teach her children that they can do anything they set their mind to. Going to school and getting an education and following through will lead to a life of success. Yes, it is a proven fact that blacks who live out of the ghetto live a better life than those who live in it; all children who grow up in poverty do not always end up poor. This is true because there are many men and women who have survived poverty and …show more content…
He says that if black men were to all have jobs then black families would stay out of poverty. This is false because a family’s income is not determined by just the man. A black woman can have a higher paying job and support the family financially. The report points that single parent women are not able to raise children in the ghetto because of the environment and statistics of the past. Single, black mothers and fathers can raise their child to be intelligent and successful without being in a high-end part of town. These statistics are not accurate for everyone in the black

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