The Negatives And Negatives Of Technology Essay

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It is the twenty-first century and technology has vastly expanded the way we all communicate with each other on a daily basis, within our social and business lives. Communication methods are often through; emails, social media, faxes, Skype and text messaging. Therefore, it is not surprising there are many views whether technology is helping or affecting the way we communicate. This essay will consider the positives and negatives of technology replacing face to face communication.
Firstly, we will look at the positives and negatives within our social lives. Looking around today you see people using technology daily, they will have; laptops, smart phones and tablets all of which are easily accessible while mobile. According to the Office of National Statistics, internet access has increased dramatically in recent years with the use of mobile devices, with over 75% of adults saying they use social networking site daily (Office for National Statistics, 2015). Nowadays it is not uncommon for people to engage socially with others more via online interactions, instead of face to face. The impact technology has been on society is fascinating; old/new friendships formed, families reunited, maintaining long-distance relationships, to name a few. Technology connects people around the world and locally.
This can have a positive effect on replacing face to face communication as some people are not in a place financially to travel around maintaining their relationships on a face…

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