The Negative Statement: The Death Penalty

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The Death Penalty
This time and day any controversial topic is a very sensitive topic to speak on. People are natural emotional creatures making it difficult to disagree or to have your own opinions. We are all so quick to blame society we forget society isn’t just one individual. Statements like “Society has taught us” “Society makes us believe” are statements heard on a daily basis. We are all society. We believe what we want to believe. We all as a community need to understand that people are born with their own mindsets and as time goes on opinions will change. The moment you let “society” form your thoughts and opinions, is the moment you will forever lose your voice. Subjects that used to be as plain as black and white, for example,
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Graves, who had no record of violence, spent 12 years on death row until his conviction was overturned in 2006, even then he was not released for another 4 years. Graves was granted 1.4 million dollars for the time he spent in the second-worst prison in the United States. 1.4 million dollars were used to apologize to just one individual for the flaws of our system, 1.4 million dollars of taxpayer’s money that could have been put to use on the real problems of our world today. Anthony Graves could be exonerated before being wrongfully executed, others have not been as lucky. Claude Jones was executed in 2000 for the murder of a liquor store owner. The deciding factor of whether he would go into general population or death row was a strand of hair found at the crime of the scene. Jones attorneys filed a petition for a stay of execution since forensics was not able to fully match the hair to Jones, a petition that was denied. Seven years after his execution DNA testing was done and proved the hair belonged to the victim, not in fact to Jones. That strand of hair was the only evidence against Jones. Let’s not forget that the subject at hand is life and

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