The Negative Side Of Online Social Networking

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Social networking sites are a topic that divides the view of people to two views. Some people think they are an amazing tool but others are worried about the impacts and effects they have on people 's lives. The negative side of these social networking sites more than the positive one. The social networking sites are tools work around self-focus, and use of these tools might lead to increasing the self-esteem but also increases narcissism. That increase happened by promote self-regulation strategies. For example Facebook pages of narcissism are more self-promoting, particularly in the photos, wall posts, and updates the status (Buffardi and Campbell, 2008; Mehdizadeh, 2010, cited in Gentile et, al., 2012). Thus, the Internet in …show more content…
However, social networking sites could provide high rate opportunities for mishandling and harassment, commonly referred to as cyberbullying. Dredge et, al. (2014) examined understanding of teenagers victims by cyberbullying, the specific types of cyberbullying events who experienced in social networking sites and the effect of events. 25 teenagers from 15 to 24 years old with previous negative experiences in social networking sites were responded to an invitation for participants took part in individual interviews. We have many basic criteria for the definition of cyberbullying, but they were more complicated than initially expected. The most standard, which is referred to more the extent to which the experience had an effect on the victim, is not a current definition of standards. They also found that 68% of the victims reported to suffer from the combined effect of the emotional, social and behavioral each cyberbullying while 12% reported no effect at all. These results contribute to the measurement of cyberbullying from the perspective of the victims, and will also help in the development of intervention strategies based on the impact of the most common areas. Therefore, researchers should focus on behaviors of social networking sites that have a negative impact on the victims. This study may reduce the prevalence of cyberbullying, consequently reduces the number of cyberbullying

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