The Negative Portrayal Of Public Relations Essay

1272 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
Starting to purse an education in Public Relations, I received a lot of comments like, “ you won’t even get a job, you’re taking a degree to learn how to manipulate people, isn’t that just planning parties?” after a while I’ve came up with some pretty keen responses to these uneducated comments made by uneducated people. When learning I had to do a research paper, I figured what better thing to look into but why the public relations profession is viewed so negatively. My findings? Media. Public relations is viewed so negatively in the media why would people think anything differently? When you type public relations into Google things like manipulator, Sex and the City, and scandal come up just to name a few. In my paper I want to get down to the basis of why the profession I aspire to be in is viewed negatively in media and what made it be viewed this way. In this paper it will be discussed how the negative portrayal of public relations is connected to social learning theory. The point that I am trying to prove is that the profession public relations portrayed negatively in media

Everyday media is becoming a bigger thing in our lives, companies, professions, business, and even schools. When something is viewed in the media it can travel globally and either enhance or destroy the image and reputation of a person, brand, or in this case profession. Public relations always being a profession just not necessarily with that title has been around forever, from promoting the…

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