What Is Child Abuse Or Neglect?

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Danny Senoran

Mr. Stern

English 73X

03, 05, 2015

Child Abuse

When it comes to the topic of child abuse, most of us will readily agree that there is a limit to discipline children. Where this argument usually ends, however is on the question of is, how do we know if we have crossed a limit of abuse? Many people, worldwide, have abused their own children in the pass century. Most children suffer from being neglected every day. Child abuse, has many elements, such as sexual, emotional, and physical abuse. Sexual abuse, is when a child is being touched inappropriately by an adult or someone older. Also there are many other examples of sexual abuse, like oral sex, vaginal intercourse, or even threats. Emotional abuse is defined as not getting enough affection, and that can make someone feel unwanted. Physical abuse is when you are hit violently, and having bruises and scars on your body. The main abuse in children in the United States is physical abuse, and after is sexual abuse. Children being neglected has harmful effects for their future. This can lead them to have a negative attitude. In the article of “Child abuse and Incest” “Over 70% of children who die because of abuse and neglect are younger than three years old.” (Child Abuse &Incest) Being neglected and abused usually comes from
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Some religions they rely on God to take away their pain and illness and to heal, so they don 't take their children to the doctor. In the article of “Child Abuse” “Many people believe that a Christian Scientist who refuses to have his or her child treated by a doctor for a serious medical condition is committing child abuse.” In my eyes this a level of child abuse, because your child is in pain and ill. Not taking a child to the doctor can be severely harmful to their health and can become worse in time, if they’re not treated with the medical care that they need and

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