Common Core Research Paper

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Common core is an initiative that was created with the purpose of having a nationwide standard for educational institutions. The implementation of this initiative has caused some debate amongst educators and parents alike, focusing on the negative impacts that could arise. Not only could this eliminate the creativity within the classroom, it could also hinder the ability for some to receive the full education necessary to prepare them to succeed at university level learning. This initiative would transform schools into machines focused on creating children who are only taught skills necessary to pass a certain test.
Dickinson, G., Kimmel, S., & Doll, C. (2015). Common core and common good: Educational standards and the future of libraries.
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However, he also discussed how common core has the possibility to worsen the national average if the students’ welfare is not taken into account. When the idea of common core came around, almost all of the states within the United States agreed to integrate it into their schools. The problem with this is that there was a grant available at the time for which all of the states were competing. According to Philips, the states thought that if they used common core, it would provide them with an advantage over others for the ‘Race to the Top’ grant. To some this would not necessarily be considered a corrupt motivation; however, the states most likely agreed without considering how the students would be affected. While using common core to gain a grant, the administration would not be as concerned about how the students learn, as long as they score highly on the exams. While the nesting layers approach allows for the administration to work with the teachers and their curriculum, this motivation could lean towards the black box approach. By being focused on outscoring other states, the administration has basically told the teachers to change all of the lesson plans. Because teachers are being made to change their methods within their classrooms, they are also being omitted from the decision making. The motivation for states to sign up for common core could have very harsh implications on the students’ education.

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