The Negative Impacts Of Watching Television

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In this day and age kids have been beginning to watch television more. We live in a generation where technology is everything. Nowadays there are iPad’s and tablets. iPads were created by Apple and tablets were created by an Android company which is Samsung. iPad’s and tablets have become such an important factor in children’s lives because nowadays kids can watch T.V. on different platforms such as YouTube and Netflix. Netflix and YouTube have turned into a more popular route for children to sit in front of a device. If kids were encouraged to reduce television time it would help reduce the negative impacts on their health, education and their personal life choices. If kids are continuously watching TV, then there can be many impacts …show more content…
More recent new studies have also shown that kids after the age of five, who watch a lot of movies or TV do not interact with other people or even their own family members. This causes social issues and can lead to a big problem later in life. Many times less interaction can also lead to activities parents would not approve. Several parents let their kids watch TV for about two to three hours a day. This number is recommended by many pediatricians. Some of those parents also want their kids to watch TV but not for entertainment purposes but for educational purposes. When kids are babies, until the age of 18 months they show no interest in technology. As soon as parents start buying electronic devices for them, especially tablets or iPads, a child’s mind starts to decrease in emotional, motor, and sensory development. A few parents make their children watch shows that educate them about the world but many kids begin watching comedy or entertainment cartoons which cause a lack of talent for them in the …show more content…
Many kids at this age though, mostly like to going to the park and hanging out with their friends outside. It is common to know that children do not enjoy or watch any news so when parents are watching the news they tell their kids to watch go to a different room and watch whatever they feel like at the time. Smart TVs are something new that has been around for about three-four years, maybe more but Smart TV’s have apps such as YouTube, Netflix, and many cartoon channels. When kids are going flipping channels they come upon many adult channels such HBO or FX which have movies that are for 18 or over. These movies may have scenes that are not a good influence on children. To prevent this, adult supervision should always be available when a child is in front of a technological device such as a TV, iPad or tablet.
All in all, any form of television should be limited and supervised for children. Although many children are growing up around technology, there must be some sort of enforced rule to make sure a child does not have problems in their health or education or personal lives later on in life. Many children have grown up to where parents haven’t paid attention to their screen intake, which has caused these children to fall behind in education. Education is very important

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