The Negative Impacts Of The Florida Keys And The Caribbean Essay

1378 Words Nov 30th, 2016 6 Pages
Growing up in the Florida Keys, I have been surrounded by the ocean my entire life and have personally witnessed it gradually get destroyed over the years. Because of tourism playing a huge role in the Florida keys, our beaches and oceans are left polluted and leaving our reefs to extinction. Not only in the Keys, but throughout Florida our waters are heavily polluted by the great amount of tourism in our state. In the Florida Keys and the Caribbean, there has been a vast decline in staghorn and elkhorn corals leaving the reefs scattered since the 70’s. As I continued to observe and research this topic, I noticed that humans overlook the effects that they cause and focus on the benefits they receive. The negative human impacts on the ocean in the Florida Keys is a topic I chose because people forget that our planet can survive without us humans, but we can’t survive without it. This topic is specifically important to me because of growing up in the keys, marine life is an important aspect to our lifestyle and to have our reefs die off due to pollution from tourist or degraded water quality leaves a bigger impact than most know. We rely on the ocean for food, recreation, waste dump and economic opportunities. With more than half of our population living close to the coast or visiting, our impacts have increased with the population growth leaving our behaviors on land and in the water affecting the sea life. “What are the major threats to our ocean that are negatively…

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