The Negative Impacts Of The Death Penalty

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After 12 years on death row, Jonah Garrison is put to death by the electric chair for a murder he claims he did not commit. Whether Jonah committed the crime or not, he suffered the death penalty for the actions that had been committed. The officials that executed Jonah believed he did not commit the murder and that he was an innocent man. Jonah’s family is distraught by their loss while the prosecuting family, the family of the murdered victim, no longer believe that Jonah deserved the death penalty and are now affected by the two deaths in which they are now involved. Although this is a fictional story, it accurately portrays the majority of death penalty cases that cascade throughout our country today. The death penalty has such a negative impact on all of those who are involved that it is harrowing their …show more content…
Although the death penalty may persuade some individuals to feel that our society is becoming a safer environment, in reality, it is decomposing the lives of those who are involved in the given crime, these individuals being law enforcement officials, the family of the criminal who is on death row, and the family of the victim who was involved in the original

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