The Negative Impacts Of Social Media Essay

1988 Words Oct 9th, 2016 8 Pages
In a world where technological advancements are endless, it is hard to imagine a society functioning without the use of specific outlets like social media. The usage rates of social media are rapidly escalating and have been for years now. As of 2016, 90% of young adults as well as two-thirds (65%) of adults are using social networking sites and more specifically, over 30% of the population get their news updates from sources like Facebook and Twitter (PewResearchCenter). First came AOL chat rooms, then Myspace, and now sources like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are shaping the way people communicate and are providing a promotional and marketing platform. In areas like business marketing, CEO’s are pushing for employees to make use of media outlets to better the return on investment for the company. There will always be an opposing argument regarding the negative impacts of social media in everyday life such as a lack of interpersonal skills or biased content. However, the world that we live in and the future of this world is completely dependent on the existence of social media and when used correctly, it can be extremely beneficial in areas of creating a successful professional career and as a main tool in the dissemination of current world events. The competition of finding a job in this generation is increasingly getting more difficult each year. As people go in for interviews, it used to be as simple as looking at a resume and the individual’s ability to effectively…

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