Essay about The Negative Impact Of Worldwide Bullying Research

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The Negative Impact of Worldwide Bullying Research The worst issue students are having in worldwide schools is bullying. Bullying can disrupt a student’s education which can cause children to drop out. Student’s confidence can be easily brought down by bullies which can lead to felling not proud of who they really are, worthless, not good enough, lonely, depressed, and also can gain anxiety. Bullying can also cause children to commit suicide and do other harmful things. Children are bullied in many different ways and causes many different effects on kids and so far there are no solutions just yet. First off, student’s education can easily be disrupted when they get bullied in class. Bullies can make it very hard for other kids to go to school which can make their grades and GPA drop down tremendously. The bullying victims start feeling like school isn’t a safe place and also begin to not see school as a leaning place anymore. Children who get bullied first start to skip school which can turn into them dropping out. Therefore, students drop out of school every year due to bullying. Student’s self-confidence can start to fade away when they’re constantly being bullied about their presences, race, sexuality, and also maybe the way they dress. Children will start to think and feel like they aren’t good enough anymore. Children now a days are mainly bullied about their sexuality which can make them feel like they shouldn’t be themselves or make them feel not proud o who…

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