The Negative Impact Of Wal-Mart's Impact On Society

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Register to read the introduction… A prime example, which Fishman stated was, “Wal-Mart shapes where we shop, the products we buy and the prices we pay”[Fishman.pg4]. The quotation shows how Wal-Mart has become a retailer which can help guide an individual to shop more smarter, and efficiently. A common misconception is Wal-Mart is a negative impact on our society. From the article of Wal-Mart effect it stated: People are not “adding drops of acid to the system we value” because the benefits outweigh the negatives. The negative aspects of the company would be the way the employee’s reciprocity between each other. In Jeffery Pfeffer article Human resources from an organizational perspective states “workplaces in America and elsewhere show pervasive job dissatisfaction.” There has been an increasing amount of accusations against Wal-Mart management staff. In the article from Fishman it states “Wal-Mart finds itself under attack politically and legally for its treatment of workers, a lawsuit on behalf of 1.6 million women who are suing for sexual discrimination.” This is a growing issue between the reciprocity between the workplace and workers because it brings “distrust and disengagement.” [Pffefer.pg113] “Distrust of management is pervasive” in today’s work force, which leads to people performing not as well on the job. …show more content…
In the article they stated it costs about a nickel to make a box, which was impacting the profit of the company. Wal-Mart put a halt on using boxes for packaging its items, which led to, increased profits, revenue stream, net costs, and even going green. Another fact about Wal-Mart is it has made it to the top of the list competing with Exxon Mobil on Fortune 500 companies it has made its place to number 1 by sales. The only reason Exxon Mobil was leading is due to the increase in oil and gas prices, yet Wal-Mart is the dominating leader here since prices are decreasing due to economic deflation. It is evident that Wal-Mart has gave jobs to factory workers all over the world by creating job opportunities for tasks such as “factory worker making toys in China, catching salmon in Chile.” This excerpt shows how far Wal-Mart has came as a retail chain reaching deep into third world countries by providing new companies, jobs, and bettering the lives of millions. When Wal-Mart sets up a retail chain in another country it creates a corporate chain of events. Wal-Mart becomes established in a area such as Hong-Kong. Then Wal-Mart creates companies, which will provide and serve the particular retail chain within that location. Once the company is established it will lead to creating new jobs for people who are unemployed. Overall it will benefit the economy of the country by creating income, and

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