The Negative Impact of Rap Music on Today's Youth Essay

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The Negative Impact of Rap Music on Today's Youth
Today's rap music has changed dramatically since the 1970's. Rap music has become the most popular type of music in the U.S. Rap music can give people entertainment and can also tell a story in someone's life. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, rap music is defined as, "a style of music associated with urban street gangs and characterized by violent, tough talking, often misogynistic lyrics" (Miffin, 2000). Rap music was formed in the mid-1970 among the youth in South Bronx and rap artists like, "Afrika Bambata, Kool Herc, and Grandmaster Flash. Do to the enormous popularity of Run DMC; rap had crossed over on the music charts and radio stations all over the world" (Toms,
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"The first incident was a 16 year old junior high school student in Moses Lake, who shot his algebra teacher, after watching a video of a rock band. The second incident involved two teenage Columbine students, that went on a shooting spree after listening to Marylin Mason's music, that left twelve teachers and students dead and twenty one others injured in the attack" (McGarrell).
The lyrics and video's in rap music focus on sexism, money, and drugs. A concern many have is the way rap artist express themselves about women and the glorification they have in women. "What people should take into account is the fact that we now live in a visual era and kids are affected by visual images more than anything else" (Toms, 2006, p2). In videos, rap artist parade half naked women around wearing barley anything, fabulous cars, and expensive jewelry. However, many young female youth want to be like the women in the videos.
According to a study that was done by researcher Ralph J DiClemente, PhD, of Emory University's Rollins Schools of Public Health, On 522 black teens between the ages of 14 to 18 that are exposed to rap videos at least 14 hours a week were far more likely to practice destructive behaviors. Over the course of one year, the teens were three times more likely to hit a teacher, over 2.5 times more likely to get arrested,

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