Outlook Of Standardized Testing Essay

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The Outlook on Standard Testing
For many decades now, Standardized Test have been recognized and known as a “mutli-billion dollar industry”. The first test was in Imperial China not long after this was standard testing the next big thing in the United States. This idea of the test, rose up in the Industrial Revolution time era. Boston, Massachusetts was the first place in the United States to actually try out the standardized test. These test were used to test the students and teachers performance throughout the school year. There are many ways to prove that as students we are gaining the knowledge of what is being taught to us during our instruction time. This time can be very limited especially when it comes to having a deadline in
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Although a lot of students may get the concept of taking their test with technology, what about students who do not have that upper hand in technology? These test are not just test you should go in and just mess around with, considering they determine whether or not the student advances onto the next grade level. These assessments are very important for not just students but facility too. If a school has a failing grade percentage it would affect the student from moving forward, the teacher could lose their place of employment, and schools could be closed down. 0n the other side, if there is a high passing rate the school could be rewarded a fund for the teachers and administrators. For example yes, there is that one student that does super well in the class and turns their homework assignments in on time, but the student has no knowledge in computers. Would this affect the student and the grade at the end of the test? Would it stop them from moving forward with school? I personally find this one of the negative outcomes of online standard testing. Some students might find it troubling to understand material and even more difficult to access it on a computer, so they try to memorize it, making it harder in the future to grasp the

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