The Negative Effects Of Violent Video Games On Young Children

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Today almost everyone has either played or is still playing video games. Young or old, people are playing video games because it is enjoyable and entertaining. Video games are a recreational activity that millions of people all around the world love to play. Some people may think video games are fun, non-harmful, and keep kids distracted. The most popular video games today are the ‘T’ for Teen and ‘M’ for Mature rated video games. These games may be enjoyable and entertaining, however, violent video games can have a negative effect on young children throughout their lives. Some video games may have a positive effect on the children’s problem solving and multitasking abilities, but the violent video games we see today have a greater impact …show more content…
The games were originally placed in arcades, bars, and malls, which mainly attracted the young ones. (Jenkins) Some kids might think it is a good way to bond with their friends, but the parents are unaware of how bad these violent video can get. Dr. Kutner, Lawrence, and Cheryl K. Olson observes that “[s]ome [parents] relied on their children’s own judgement about which games would be appropriate.” (Kutner and Cheryl) This can lead children into getting any games they want to play. These vulgar, M-rated video games should be banned or have more of a restriction on them so children are not negatively influenced by them. In conclusion, violent video games have a negative effect on children. Also, parents need to regulate what their children play. Moreover, the kids need to learn how to balance their use of time when it comes to playing video games in general. Parents and children should not let these violent video games control who they are and the amount of time they spend on it. The main focus should not be on how to defeat your enemy, but more focused on more important things in life. Violent video games can have a negative effect throughout children’s life, which needs to

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