Video Games Negative Effects On Children

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In Western society video games have become a dominant source of entertainment for youth. Positive side effects of video game use are brain stimulation, medical advancement and therapy but the negative connotations are children exhibiting violence, maladaptive social tendencies and addictions to gaming.
Video games are defined as “electronic game that involves human interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device” according to’s article “The negative impact of video games on children” (2014). The evolution of video games has exceeded society’s expectations; for instance pilots are trained on video gaming equipment, the military uses video games to train soldiers for targeting and “battlefield conditions”
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Whether it be the time allowed to play video games or the content itself. Somehow the adolescents of today who have been introduced to this visual electronic stimulate cannot always distinguish violence in the game to violence in real life. Three dimensional graphics which include sounds and intense graphics can create a fantasy world for young players. Removing them from their reality which may have some type of stress they are trying to escape. These games often can evoke an emotion from a child that could damage or interfere with their social lives and interactions. Video games are designed to be played for lengths of time. Most have missions or goals, ways to create a fantasy life which takes time and effort. The more time spent with the video game the fewer children are spending outside, with friends or with family. The potential crisis that arises from this is acts of violence and aggression towards the public or themselves. Williams and Skoric (2005) conducted a study involving 213 volunteers who were separated into two groups. The first group was asked to play a violent online video game while the second was asked not to play at all. The results indicated that the group who played the violent video games showed an increase in their “normative beliefs in aggression as well as a self-report measuring of engaging in verbal aggression” (Ferguson 378) Prior to video games …show more content…
Boys tend to play violent video games while girls do not therefore showing more violent acts from boys than from girls. More recent studies have shown acts of violence in children however no long term effects have been noted. Never the less Ferguson asks that scientist’s stay cautious in their results because no study is without error. The behavior of the gamer in these interactive games is manipulated by the rewards for violent acts. The more violent the gamer the more points or awards them are given. The child playing the video game repeats the behavior such as stabbing, kicking or shooting until their active participation is recognized by the game where they then are recognized. “This active participation, repetition and reward are effective tools for learning behavior” (The negative impact of video games on children” 2014). Video gaming promotes a gang like behavior by allowing children to use negative comments against other players and then changing how he or she chooses to react in a real life

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