Text Messaging During Class

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Cell phones have become such a staple piece in our culture in recent years that the act of text messaging during class is an occurrence that most students would be accustomed to. During the past few years, I have witnessed countless students typing out and sending text messages in the middle of a class. Although it seems like common sense that text messaging during class would have a more negative effect on grade rather than a positive one, I was interested to see if there was empirical evidence about it. Most students could probably guess that text messaging during class would impact their academic performance, but, like me, most students also are not aware of the extent of that impact. Finding empirical evidence about the relationship between texting in …show more content…
. This would imply that text messaging during class can have a negative impact on students’ academic performance. These results should encourage students to refrain from texting during class if they want a good grade. Gingerich and Lineweaver also found that participants in the texting condition also reported lower confidence in how well they would do on the quiz compared to the no texting condition group. However, students in the texting condition did report to have higher expectations for themselves at the beginning of the lecture than they did before they took the quiz. The experimenters made sure to correct some mistakes in this study that they had made in the first study as well. For example, the participants in this study were randomly assigned to either group. One particular weakness of this study, however, was the ecological validity. The experimenters mentioned that requiring the texting condition group to text a prewritten script could have affected the results and their generalizability to real world

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