The Negative Effects Of Technology's Positive Effects On Society

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Technology has rapidly consumed the lives of men, women, and children throughout the modern world. Some would even go as far as saying society as a whole has become obsessed with technology. When people hear the word technology they automatically think cell phones and social media. Technology is much more than the world wide web. Technology involves the creation and utilization of technical means and their relationship with life, society, and the environment. Forms of technology one would not ordinarily consider are the library, textbooks, and even glasses. Thinking back to cavemen times, fire was a form of technology and to this day new technologies, like cell phones, are being revealed. Although one would argue that technology has had an overall negative effect on society due to reasons like …show more content…
In many cases using technology results in having an overall positive effect on society. For example, in Sherry Turkle’s “No Need to Call”, she says, “At the screen, you have a chance to write yourself into the person you want to be and to imagine others as you wish them to be…” (Turkle 374). In her essay, Turkle argues that forms of technology like texting and emailing allow the individual to create themselves. She writes that some people are not comfortable with face to face interaction and these new technologies allow shy people to be themselves through the screen. Social media and other forms of technology grant individuals the ability to live as they wish to and speak as they wish to. It allows them to say/do what they please without the fear of others disapproving of their thoughts. Before social media many people that believed in a cause often would not stand up for it merely due to the fact that others would not approve. Now, with social media individuals are able to stand up for what they believe in anonymously and without fear of others confronting them face to

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