The Negative Effects Of Sugar On The Brain

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Sugar has consisted naturally in fruit for millions of years. The first humans identified fruit as a major food source. Necessary for survival, sugar has a considerable impact on brain function. Modern forms of sugar do not always have a positive impact on the brain. Different kinds of sugar impact the brain and body in very different ways. Negative effects of sugar discussed in this paper refer to added sugar. Natural sugar found in whole foods that is not added during processing is considered “good sugar” and not responsible for the negative effects mentioned. Although sugar may seem like the perfect substance for the brain, diverse structures of modern sugar negatively affect the brain in harmful and addictive ways. Brains depend on sugar …show more content…
However, Melanie Greenberg asserts that the average American consumes 156 pounds of added sugar annually (par. 3). For some, that amount of sugar intake equivalents to eating one’s entire body weight in sugar per year. This large consumption, of primarily added sugar, has no nutritional benefit, but rather severe health complications. That very large intake of added sugar indicates that the average American risks serious health problems if they do not change their diet. Avoiding added sugar, or at least significantly decreasing the amount consumed, is a necessary change that people need to make to stay …show more content…
According to Scott Edwards Ph.D, a naturally-occurring form of sugar, glucose, gives the more energy, than any other substance, to the body and brain. Studies continue to state that because the brain contains many neurons, it needs the more energy than any other organ. He explains this claim and states that the brain uses one-half of the energy (derived from sugar) in the body. Edwards work suggests that glucose provides energy to the body and the brain. Furthermore, glucose is described by Edwards as necessary for body and brain functioning, so one must consume a general amount of glucose daily to sustain life (par. 1). Alice Park, a writer for Time, expresses how consumers rarely have access to glucose in markets; yet, added sugar, sweeteners, and sugar substitutes are openly available. The large availability of the non-natural sugar in stores today create opportunity for major weight gain, metabolic changes, heart diseases, and diabetes (par. 4). Health benefits of glucose make glucose a very valuable substitute for fructose and other forms of added sugar, but because of the low representation in accessible markets, it does not seem

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