The Negative Effects Of Social Media In Faux Friendship, By William Deresiewicz

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Register to read the introduction… Furthermore, it accommodates our need in being in touch with our relatives and friends. In the TED talk video “How the Internet enables intimacy”, Stefana Broadbent points out the accomplishment of social media in implementing connection among individuals that creates a stronger bond. She states:
…if you just think back 15 years, … , when you clocked in to an office, when you clocked in to a factory, there was no contact for the whole duration of the time, there was no contact with your private sphere. If you were lucky there was a public phone hanging in the corridor or somewhere. If you were in management, oh, that was a different story. Maybe you had a direct line. If you were not, you maybe had to go through an operator. But basically, when you walked into those buildings, the private sphere was left behind you.
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People should get acquainted with the proper use of social media with clear mind. According to Henry David Thoreau "Men have become the tools of their tools." (qtd. in ) This quote shows effects of social media and technology on humans in present time, and how technical devices have taken control over them. So, people have chance in their hands to change the negative aspects into positive ones. Human kind has to be familiarized with the use of those tools efficiently for good deeds. And as Brian Solis quoted: “We cannot measure, what it is we do not know to value.” (qtd. in the Therefore, people should collaborate and unite their efforts for effective usage of this new accommodation in the progressing world. It is time to think about, “How can we make best use of this media? “(Shirky, …show more content…
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