Informative Essay On Shark Finning

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Sharks are pretty majestic creatures in the ocean. Now others might think they are dangerous and not needed. To be truly honest they are very important, their role is to help maintain populations of other sea creatures. They are like predators but just in the water not land animals. Now I know a lot of people don’t know what is happening to sharks today. Sharks are actually being killed by the thousands, by a cruel and inhumane act called shark finning. We can’t really understand the effects that shark finning really does put on the environment so let me give you a little background.

Sharks first appeared on the Earth 400 million years ago, and there are currently about 350 species of sharks today. There is a shark called the dwarf shark that is the smallest and then you have the whale shark that is the largest shark in the world. Now only 2% of the shark species are protected. In translation that means only 7 species out of the 350 species identified are actually protected by a law. According to the International Human Society, there are tens of millions of sharks are that killed each year. To give you a couple of facts on what countries kill the most sharks. We have Indonesia that kill 27% of sharks, India at 21%, Spain at 14%, Argentina at 12%, Taiwan at 10%, the USA at 9%, and then Mexico at 7%. The main reason why these countries are killing sharks is to use their fins to make soup.
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The shark finning is done by fishermen who catch the sharks in nets. The sharks are brought abroad the ship once they catch a bunch in the net. They will slice the fins right off while they are still alive. To me that is a very cruel act and a lot of pain to put on an animal. Then the fisherman takes the sharks body and throws it back into the water. It will just float down to the bottom because it obviously can’t swim away, and will die on the bottom of the

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