Decriminalizing Prostitution

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Prostitution is the sell of sexual activity with a group or individual in exchange for some type of payment. The demand for sexual alleviation for the ones who are lonely and wanting affection causes controversy amongst those against the solicitation of sex. Many will say it doesn’t harm anyone but others will argue it promotes sex trafficking. Although prostitution is defined as a consensual act it always doesn’t happen that way, this is what essentially causes the squabble around this topic. America has tried to solve this issue by deeming this act illegal except in eleven rural counties in Nevada while other countries have fixed the issue in their own unique way. But will keeping prostitution illegal be the best option for the people in …show more content…
As of right now the industry’s workers face many conflicts such as abuse and health issues. Since prostitution is illegal a prostitute is not as likely to report abuse or get medical help because they are afraid of the consequences that may come with that. Also since prostitution is illegal it becomes more undetectable which will encourage things such as rape, harassment, and acts of violence. But if it were to get decriminalized sex workers would have the opportunity to get medical attention, report possible abuse if needed, and be less susceptible to exploitation. It is even possible to model America after other countries like New Zealand, Netherlands, and Germany whose workers get protection and health care. They also pay taxes like everyone else so it would benefit the country as well as the person choosing this as their profession. Prohibiting prostitution does not prevent anyone from doing it just like the prohibition of alcohol never stopped people from alcohol consumption it was just a way to punish people. By decriminalizing it will be protecting the ones who need it most and preventing a substantial amount of acts of violence against the …show more content…
While many may think it is good to have prostitution illegal, no matter the situation you are ultimately punishing the seller and if that person if a victim of sex trafficking than they will have that on their record and it will not be able to get expunged with the exceptions of a few places. In America 90% of the people arrested for prostitution is the seller while on 10% of buyers get arrested. If a person in the sex industry wanted to get out but they have prostitution of their record it will be hard for them to get a job because people will look at that negatively. Also as mentioned earlier, how will sex workers be able to get the adequate support they need while the practice is still illegal here in America? Workers don’t have access to the proper health care and they need to be able to get tested regularly. In addition to that, sex solicitors can’t go to the police for help if something bad were to happen to them because they will get arrested. Having prostitution illegal in America will never get rid of it if that is what is truly wanted. The stigma of prostitution will always be held over sex workers heads too because of the constant judgment. People would never consider sex solicitation as a true form of livelihood to pay bills, feed children, and what not. Keeping sex solicitation illegal is only increasing the amount of

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