The Negative Effects Of Police Body Cameras

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Police Body Cameras:
Police officers are receiving more criticism recently than they have ever had before. This recent distrust comes from the events in Ferguson, Missouri when an unarmed black man was shot by a white police officer. The public believes that the black man (Michael Brown) was shot because of race. Many people believe that if the police officer was wearing a body camera then the true story could have been caught on film and the outcome would have been different. Due to these recent controversial events concerning police and African-Americans, society has begun to lose faith and trust in law enforcement, but if they start wearing body cameras it will ensure that the unbiased truth is shown. Dashboard cameras on police cruisers are not a new or strange concept for people to understand. Those cameras have been very useful in multiple police investigations, but they also have limitations as to what it records, whereas police body-mounted cameras would capture every interaction the police officer has. Body cameras on police is a great invention that we are starting to adopt in today’s society but it still needs to be changed in a few ways because it is not perfect and still needs to be
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Although there are some flaws in the way body cameras are used or how the footage is shown to the public. All of these problems can be fixed and in the future body cameras will be the most useful tool for modern day police investigating. The positive effects from the body cameras most certainly outweigh the negative effects especially since most of them can be fixed or are not important enough to worry about. Soon the people of the United States will regain trust in the police and all the positive things that they do for the community. This will be done mainly through the use of body cameras and it capturing how police make difficult decisions in a split second to save lives and impact the community

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