The Negative Effects Of Peer Pressure On Teenagers's Life

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Peer pressure have always been around, yet, not many people today know exactly what peer pressure is and the effects it can have on one person, whether it be good or bad. And yes, there is such a thing as good peer pressure. Many believe that peer pressure can only have a negative impact, but peer pressure may have a positive impact on a teenagers’ life. It all depends on the types of friends they have or whether they choose to avoid or fall into being pressurised.
Peer pressure is one of the main aspects that is known to impact a learner concerning their behaviour and attitude towards their academic performance as well as a change in their personalities.
Teenage peer pressure is an essential part of a teenagers’ life as it
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Peer pressure has always been one of the aspects that either destroy a teenager or can make them achieve better things in life, many studies have stated this. Since I have had first-hand experience with peer pressure, I understand the concept of being able to not make your own choices in life as one may feel that they need to follow what their peers do. Not many teenagers are able to make the correct decisions in life and it is quite horrific to see what a teenager ends up doing with their life after being exposed to negative peer pressure. The aim of this investigation is to determine what type of effect peer pressure has had on Grade 9 and Grade 11 learners of Sagewood College. This then will help elders determining how they can prevent or possibly help teenagers that are experiences negative peer pressure. As well as to discover the true aspects of why teenagers’ academic performance tends to decrease as they have many influential factors leading to their downfall, hence this investigation on determining how peer pressure affects their academic performance, will help not only teenagers themselves, but will help adults in figuring out ways to help a teenager face/overcome these challenges. This research will be conducted by mans of survey forms that the learners will personally fill …show more content…
Within the research found, a true definition of peer pressure was given by a psychologist by the name of Heberle, M,(2014) whom had posted an article “What is peer pressure? Definition and explanation.” In this article, it is said that peer pressure is considered the direct influence on any person, whether teenager or adult, to act in a certain manner or behaviour. It can be done as an individual encouragement, where only one person contributes to the factors of pressurising another or it can be done as a group encouragement, when a group of teenagers are involved in the pressurising of an individual.
Peer pressure is said to have many aspects that contribute towards the expected downfall in a teenagers’ behaviour and academic performance. It is stated in the article mentioned above, by Heberle, M, that adolescents are encouraged by their peers into drinking alcohol, smoking, drugs, sexual intercourse and there are many other aspects that a teenager can experience. Any form of pressure put on an individual will have an impact on their mental health, which may then lead to their decrease in academic

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