Neglectful Parenting Styles

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There is an array of parenting styles that exist today, that inhibit a child’s growth and understanding of life. Parenting styles greatly affect the psychological growth of a child. Children’s development is based upon their environment and the home which they are raised in. Parents are the driving force in a child’s life. No matter what role the parent has, they are still related to their child, and from there it influences their child’s being. The influence can have positive or negative effects. Studies show that parenting styles define a child’s social, educational, and mental abilities. Parenting styles vary from family to family, but can be divided into certain categories. Although positive, authoritative, and spiritually based parenting …show more content…
Its ideals are different altogether. Neglectful parenting does not embody being demanding or responsive. It has to do with a parent that is uninvolved and dismissive. A parent may pay more attention to their work than to their child. For example, six year old Johnny comes home from school and asks for dinner. Instead of cooking, his mom hands him her credit card and says, “Go order pizza, or something.” This relates to neglectfulness by making the child provide for himself. The “Be Independant” parent may hire a nanny for their child so they can focus on other things. In the movie Mary Poppins, Mary is full-time nanny for the Banks family. The parents work a lot, and need a nanny to take care of their children, Jane and Michael. The children are missing a level of parental involvement in their lives, and instead have Mary Poppins are their leading figure. lastly, parent may not provide enough for the child when it comes to mental stability especially. They do not spend time asking how their child’s day was, or if they are having troubles at school. One of my friends neglects her grades and therefore is failing many of her classes. Neither of her parents check in on her to see how she is doing in school, or if she needs any help. She has no one but herself to rely on to motivate her, and if she wanted to get help she would need to initiate this herself. In this sense the child needs to be independant. The parent does the minimum required to sustain their child, but ultimately their focus is not on him or her. The child’s happiness is not a priority. Due to the lack of emotions expressed by their parents in their lives, they tend to lack this emotion as

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