Negative Effects Of Obesity On The Human Body

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Elmar Bego
Professor Davis
English 101
September 30,2016 “Obesity” Obesity is serious disease in that has a negative effect on a human body. If a person is obese and overweight, this can lead to energy imbalance. A person’s body needs a certain amount of calories from food to keep them up and functioning. If a person eats the same amount that their body requires, the body weight remains the same weight. If they eat as much as they are supposed to eat, their body weight tends to tip over weight gain. Many factors can lead to weight gain. These factors include genes, eating habits, the environments people live in and the attitude towards life habits. Obesity is a very complex and widespread problem in the United States,
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Environment is strongly that influences obesity for example: people who spend lots of time watching T.V. or sleep throughout the whole day, playing video games or spending plenty on the computer, they are more exposed to being obese than people who are interested in sports and exercise. People that have less control on food, eating junk food with a lot of sugar and salt or proteins and carbohydrates are more affected by obesity because they take more calories from food than their body requires. To prevent obesity people must replace fast food places with organic foods using more fruits and …show more content…
Obesity is not just a decorative concern. It increases risk of illness and health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Being extremely obese means one is especially likely to have health problems related to one’s weight. The good news is that even modest weight loss can improve or prevent the health problems associated with obesity. Dietary changes, increased physical activity and behavior changes can help one lose weight. Prescription medications and weight-loss surgery are additional options for treating obesity. Treating obesity is good for society because it restores the health of those that are overweight. In the future we should invest more in empowering our communities to make healthy choices, like by building more public gyms, adding more healthy grocery stores in rural areas, and so much more. The more we can educate people about the causes and effects of obesity, the fewer people will have to suffer from this

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