Essay about The Negative Effects Of Nuclear Power Plants

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The Negative Effects of Nuclear Power Plants
Each year,” enormous quantities of radioactive waste are created during the nuclear fuel process”(, with the effect of killing many organisms, and damaging the environment. Also, from past nuclear accidents, the world has learned how devastating the possibility of a nuclear accident can be, proving why the nuclear power plants should be banned. The source of energy that would replace these harmful machines would be wind power, hydropower, and the process of concentrating solar thermal power. With all the possible solutions to nuclear power plants, the world should take action and slowly generate the transition to a safe and reliable source of energy. Clearly, the use of nuclear power is not a solution to the energy crisis, because of the harmful effects towards the human life, aquatic life, and the environment.
About 20 percent of the electricity in the United States is generated from nuclear power. Today there are over 100 nuclear power reactors operating in 31 states, and some states,for example in South Carolina, generate more than 50 percent of their electricity from nuclear power. The U.S. Department of Energy predicts that the U.S. will need 24 percent more electricity by 2035. To meet this increased demand, people will have to generate more electricity than we do currently to produce food, to power factories and to drive our productivity. This will require a vast amount of fuel. Since so many power…

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