The Negative Effects Of Media Violence In The Media

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Seventeen years ago, two high schoolers in Littleton, Colorado carried out the violence of a video game into real life. 13 innocent people lost their lives that day and 20 were injured. The two shooters later turned the guns to themselves (“Columbine High School Shooting”). This horrific incident could very well have been prevented if violence in media was controlled and if the teens were not exposed to the violence through media. Violence in media is causing more violence in the real world, it is affecting society negatively, violence is inundating young minds, so regulating media violence needs to be done.
Violence in media is causing aggression in the audience. Seeing and hearing violence taking place affects everyone, mainly children and teenagers. Real violence is not the type of violence portrayed on different media sources, “while the media readily
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Those in opposition of media affecting behavior believe that it will only lead to violent crimes if there is some form of abuse from parental figures and if a lack of parental supervision play a role. The lack of parental affection is essentially what critics believe is the only reason for media violence to be affecting real world violence (Aliprandini). In the first 30 years after TV’s were released, social scientists decided that violence in the media does not directly affect the audience (Cornwell). They have not been able to make a definite yes or no on the effects of media violence, “it is not clear whether viewing television violence causes aggression or aggression leads to such viewing or whether aggression and viewing television violence are the product of a third factor” (Cornwell). It is not clear exactly what violence in media does. Even though media violence does not directly cause humans to commit violent acts, violence in media is either the cause of aggression or the effect of

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